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How to effectively appeal a Workers Compensation (WCB) claim and win!

We've designed this course to do more than tell you what to do. Through our videos and modules, we walk you through the WCB appeals process. It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned professional or new to WCB and Workers Comp appeals. This course will help you become more effective in your appeals.

If you currently are going through an appeal, or thinking of going forward with one, it’s encouraged you use this course as a guide.

We’ve designed this so that you will be able to:   

  1. Make quick decisions on the actions required or to be avoided     

  2. Gather the critical information you need to create an influential appeal

  3. Understand what WCB looks for when making decisions   
  4. How to take the information gathered and put together a persuasive argument to influence WCB    

  5. The 6 elements that create the structure of your appeal and how to use them

This course is designed whether you choose to initiate or defend you and your organization in WCB appeals. 

As most WCB's require you to appeal in writing, we give you our custom template that you can use to appeal any WCB claim. We walk you through each part of the letter so that you can simply place the information you gathered exactly where it needs to be to get the results you want.